Why U´Fresh Products

U´Fresh, Natural flavor for your health.

Ugur Entegre Gıda Ltd. Şti., distinguished with its brand Ufresh, is the last member of Uğur Group of Companies which started out on business by repairing ice-cream machines in 1954 and which has achieved creating leading and dominating brands in the sectors Ugur Group of Companies invests in. Founded in 2011 in Nazilli, Dallıca within the frame of Ugur Group of Companies, Ugur Entegre Gıda Ltd. Şti. made a swift entry into the sector having founded one of the facilities most suitable for increasing the capacity of Turkey. This facility, situated over an area of 18.000 m 2 , 5.000 m 2  of which is indoor space, was established to produce and process dried food (vegetable, fruit, etc.). At the beginning of 2013, the company decided to make a strategic change in all product lines in consideration of the customer demands and switched to processing naturally dried figs and dried apricots.

Supported by the 60-year experience in safe storage of Uğur Sogutma among the Group Companies, Ugur Entegre Gıda Ltd. Şti. offers Ufresh brand healthy and naturally dried fig and dried apricots products to its customers. Having started out on processing figs and dried apricots with a production capacity of 3.000 tons per year, our Company aims at increasing its annual capacity to 10.000 tons in the forthcoming periods thanks to its latest investment activities.